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A little moment of guilt here... I’ve been absolutely terrible at sticking with the ‘Deadly Bloggers 52-week challenge’. *sigh* I feel kinda dirty and don’t want to make excuses but... I will. Life has been pretty busy these past few months with the wedding and family, and I find only now we’ve just found our groove again with work, home life, daycare, family, friends and leisurely time. Plus, other things have taken up my mind and I’m trying my best to get a piece of writing down once a week (and sometimes, the topics in the challenge can be a bit bland for myself, argh I said it). So forgive me, will ya?

This week’s blog topic is about ‘Health’, of course (by the heading). Now I’ve always been an advocate for healthy choices and looking after ones’ health. Meaning both body and mind, as they affect each other. I’ve worked in fitness/health-related jobs, as well as being active for most of my life, playing lots of different sports. I became inactive for about a year as I was pregnant with my daughter, bit of a mistake as I could have trained while pregnant because my body would have been able to handle it but first-time Mamma and I wanted to be careful.

Sports/activities I did in the past include:

Track: This was a huge one growing up. I ran both long and short distance but majoring in 100m and 800m. As an Indigenous woman, I feel like a lot of mob did running I mean, we’ve got the legs for it amiright? Also if you’ve seen Jordan Peele’s film ‘Get Out’, that scene of the guy running head-on? Well yeah, that was pretty much me in a 100m/200m race.

Netball: classical Australian sport for girls to grow up playing. Started when I was 11 years old and played until the end of high school.

Hockey: did a small stint playing hockey when I was 12, played centre forward but got injured by the ball and called it quits after a few months.

Basketball: I played basketball with one of my childhood sistergirls, Tanelle but she was so much better than me. I didn’t last long but enjoyed it nonetheless.

Volleyball: This became one of my all-time favourite sports! I picked it up at the end of high school and joined a club, Endeavour Academy (highly recommended) and I became hooked! I’ve recently hung up my volleyball shoes as it clashed with family time and commuting took longer than it needed to. I had the honour of playing alongside an Olympian, Australia’s Best Blocker, a team of Amazonian women and a Coach who is invested in each and every player! The passion that this club and sport invokes, is surreal. Damn, I miss it!

Touch footy: Super fun to play but mixed touch footy is a whole other thing.

Gym: Been going to the gym for a long time, since I was 16 actually. I enjoy it and love lifting weights. I like the elliptical machine, just convinced my husband that it’s a great warm-up exercise and he was skeptical at first and now he’s all for it.

I’m currently doing something new, I’m dieting *gasp* and even joined a program to help kick me into gear!! I have never, ever dieted in my life but for the past 3 weeks I have been 90% good with eating ‘clean’ foods, counting my macros and working out 5-6 times a week (at the gym and at home, when I’m a bit too tired to face the men who think they’re a gift from God or whatever). I have always firmly believed that I should never deprive myself of something, meaning if I wanted that packet of TimTams, mother would demolish them. Simple. I was all about moderation and managed to stay at 65kg since I was 16, so not too bad.

But now since I’ve begun this regime of ‘clean’ eating and exercising properly, I can say that I am so happy! I thought I would be starving hungry but I’m fuller for longer, fueling this beautiful, melanated temple with the right foods and have better managed my cravings for sugary goods. Eating ‘clean’ is surprisingly not all that boring, there are so many products and recipes out there on how to spice up your life and still feel satisfied.

If you’re interested in which program it is, just get in touch. I love sharing most things too, so on my Insta, you can follow my fitness journey. Ohh your girl is going to be so fit and since working out, I’ve been feeling great mentally. It’s amazing what endorphins can do for your mental well-being. I am still attending regular therapy sessions, both on my own and with my husband. So it’s important to do your best to look after yourself, mentally and physically, for you and for those around you ;)

Are any of you currently working on your mental and physical fitness?




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