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Newly married and fresh faced, what did we get up to?

We took the first half of our honeymoon to Amsterdam, Netherlands and Brussels, Belgium. We’ve planned to take another few days away later in the year. Have to say the 4 days we took off were the best and well-deserved, both of us had been overwhelmed with all the stress of the wedding and visitors.


Amsterdam was beautiful, actually, both cities were! Amsterdam wasn’t as busy as Brussels (lots of cars and traffic) which made it lovely to explore the city by bicycle and the canals were beautiful. Amsterdam had a lot of museums and galleries but we went in peak season and it was so hard to get into them, with long queues and crowded spaces. The only one we visited was the MoCo Museum, which is a modern contemporary art museum.

Side break: You know, art is great. We go to museums and galleries frequently and it’s nice to feel ‘cultured’. It (art) allows you to interpret it however you want and can really be impactful but sometimes it’s just rubbish. Okay, sure saying that it’s rubbish is in itself impactful, perhaps the reaction the artists want? But you understand that it can be frustrating as to what is deemed art and what isn’t at times, right?

There was a bit too much Banksy for me at the MoCo Museum, but it was cool. We cycled around the city, ate a really GOOD soul food restaurant, saw a comedy show at the ‘Boom Chicago Theatre’, did a lot of op-shopping, hit up the red light district (bucket list shit right there, of course!), drank lots of beer and wine and hung out in our awesome Airbnb loft-like apartment. There was a lot of hubbub about the ‘coffeeshops’ around Amsterdam but we don’t do weed man, but recommend going there if you do *thumbs up*


We only had a day and a half in Belgium, too little time to properly explore the city and find great places to eat, drink, etc… So we’re discussing a trip back with our small babe to do it right, I mean we didn’t even get to a museum or gallery, come on people! When ya cultured it hurts… gotta make time to keep civilised, right?

Brussels is about a 3hr train ride from Amsterdam and is fantastic. The common tongue or tongues for that matter, spoken in the city are French and Dutch, there is a small region in the north (I think) where the people speak German, also I think Flemish but that could most possibly be wrong, correct me if you know what’s up. So naturally I’m like yes *fist pump*, people speak French surely the food is great too and you know what, it was okay... We ate Italian food in Belgium, sinners. Didn’t do a lot of traditional Belgian food but did a chocolate tour!! My husband organised this for us and it was well worth it, oh my god.

We had a fantastic tour guide, Annalies, who took us to 5 different chocolate boutiques ranging in differences of quality, price and chocolate making style. The first 2 boutiques were Leonidas and Neuhaus, both extremely lovely and delicious but the 3rd was my favourite one. Chocolatier Mary, founded 1919 by a woman, who employed only women and was the first to sell chocolates to the royals (Belgium has a royal fam by the way)!! How awesome is that? Not only was she a kick-ass feminist chocolate maker, but her range of chocolates are also of great quality and some of the best I’ve ever tasted.

The last 2 boutiques were (Frederic Blondeel) and Wittamer, both fantastic and top quality products. Frederic Blondeel is a real bean to bar type of chocolatier, everything is handmade and he’s finest (in my opinion) were the single-origin chocolates, which means that they are from one cacao plantation and are 72% cacao and they are to die for. Beautiful, delicate and just melts in your mouth! At Wittermer we tasted a passion fruit praline (you can see in the pictures below) which, again, was absolute bliss. Fruity, chocolatey and surprisingly not too sweet, I’m telling you it was a perfect end to the tour!

So now you’ve got an idea of what we did on our honeymoon, among other things but you don’t get to know about those ha! Highly recommend checking out both places, wish we had more time in both and definitely will be going back.

Have you travelled before, if so where and what would you recommend doing there?






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