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Guess What?

Guess What?

This is a bit of a long post, but I wanted to catch you all up on the past crazy, busy months we’ve had.

The family has come and the family has gone, from Sydney and it’s been a crazy ride. I didn’t realise just how much I had missed them all, but damn was my cup full to the brim, no screw that it was tipped over and poured out, at the end of it all. So much has been happening in such little time and I feel like I haven’t had any time to breathe. Between the classic arguing-with-your-siblings episodes, to meltdowns and never having a moment to oneself, these summer holidays have not felt like a holiday at all! But such is life…

The first part of the family came in mid-June, so they had been here for a total of 4 weeks! My brother, Yangarri and sister, Kotakuli. Afterwards, my foster mums and my other siblings, Yenelli and Kotara were all onboard (these two came the week of the wedding, intending to surprise me but total fail. I was so worked up and stressed that I couldn’t really enjoy the surprise, nonetheless, it was worthwhile having them all there with me).

So house full to the roof with people and we’ve got a shortage of beds, my little brothers ended up crashing on the sofas … oops! As I mentioned there were a fair few sibling arguments but I must admit that through it all, they have carried themselves really well. Usually, in the past, it would explosive fighting but we’ve all grown up a bit and it’s nice to see them ‘adulting’. Anyways, like I’ve said the family has come and the family has gone, I am grateful that each and every one of them made the trip here to Oslo.

The reason as to why they made the trip was because we said ‘We Do’ on July 6th!! Yep, officially woman and husband, it’s surreal. Ohhh the turmoil of organising a wedding and then others, has been nothing short of distressing. I just can’t believe after two and a half years of being engaged that we made it down the aisle. Have to admit that we were pretty hopeless when it came to organising our wedding… her again. We got so lucky though, my husband’s (how freaking nice is that ‘my husband’ ha) parents, family and friends were a humongous help getting us to the altar! There were flower decorations, table arrangements, name cards, wedding dresses (yep, had two), suits (he also got two), outfits for my siblings, hair and make-up, baby-sitter, venue, food, alcohol, oh the list goes on….

Side break: I need to mention the significance of the date that we married us, as it’s actually my father’s birth date. When we finalised which date we were to marry, it was met with quite a bit of disagreement by some. I chose this date as it was another way of taking power away from my father and turning it into something for me. Now every year that July 6th comes around, it’ll be our wedding anniversary and it’ll put my father even further out of my life. #powermove

But we did it. A small ceremony and the reception, with 30 guests at a beautiful, quaint Norwegian restaurant called Vaerthuset in Baerums Verk. We had my husband’s aunt marry us because (as I said, hopeless) we were too late with lodging the paperwork into the marriage registry *eye roll* so doing that at a later date. Besides the small details, the day/night was absolutely perfect. Here’s a pic…

Us • 06.07.19


And suddenly, it was all over within a blink of an eye… she said from her desk back at work (ugh). Holidays weren't so much holidays but through the chaos, tears, fights, words and stress, my heart is so damn full right now it’s going to burst. I am a lucky woman to have such a wonderful, supportive husband, family and friends. For the family who came, if you’re reading this, don’t come back for at least 6 months, ya’ll are crazy!

Just kidding, Christmas would be lovely. Maybe...

So yeah, we did the dirty deed of marrying each other and made it through the storm of family visiting. Fuck yeah, go team! Now, it’s back to reality *sigh*.

Who here has felt the same when their family visits?




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