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Mother has arrived!!! The land is bursting with life, after months and months of hibernation and cold weather, she is breathing! Nature is so gorgeous here, I've been taking jogs through the forest and trying to tighten up before summer returns (how many of us have said that time and again?) and I am just in awe. Just the other night, we were having dinner out on the verandah with a view of the sea and just as the sun was setting off in the distance over the land, I said: “how lucky am I?”


To come from such beginnings to finding my family, to finding my way through love and to getting here… not just physically but in love, safeness and spirituality. The man I am soon to marry and our daughter who is the love of our lives… what more could I possibly want or need?

Spring you are amazing, the birds singing, flowers blooming and the warmth of the sun on my melanated skin?! Sis, you are too good.


Some real talk on the side though...while Easter has been a delight, it’s also been sad (at least I think, I'm trying to work through the feelings and what they are). I think it has to do with my family and that I miss them, even my mother… I'm so accustomed to having lots of people around and for my daughter, it just seems so lonely, I want more for her. I would say another child but right now is perfect, she deserves Mum and Dad's undivided attention and love! For a little while more ;)

Happy Easter or as they say in Norwegian ‘God Påske’!

Who here loves springtime too?




Spring by Karl Ove Knausgård

Spring by Karl Ove Knausgård

Artist Love

Artist Love